Chiry Founder Plan

Chiry Founder Plan

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Chiry Founder Plan is only available to an extremely limited number of pioneering providers for specific new areas. With the Founder Plan, you will have free access to the Chiry platform and it's features along with the following exclusive benefits.

📣 A Leading Voice - personally provide feedback for potential app features

📩 Voting Rights - vote on app features, and the future implementations

🚀 We Build You Up! - using your name and image for promotional efforts via email campaigns and social media

🦸‍♀️ Help Grow Our Community - play a supportive role in voice and leadership within our growing community

🤝 Partnership Promotion - be a representative for Chiry yourself

➜ Bring clients through the app (at least 5 bookings per month) 

➜ Two social media posts per month

➜ Recruit quality health professionals: (30% affiliate)

⭐️ Top Tier Representation - recommended for our business partnerships and on our website

📅 One Year Agreement - use our efforts for your business for one full year!

📈 Priority Business Growth - freebies, discounts, and lifetime access as a founding member!